The Runciman Apse Trust

In the apse on the right side of the church are a number of art works by the Scottish artist Alexander Runciman. These were commissioned by the Episcopal Congregation who first occupied the church, and they decorated the space which was at that period the focal point for worshippers. The paintings depict Christ addressing the woman of Samaria, the return of the Prodigal Son, Moses, Elijah, and a mural of the Ascension painted on the ceiling. When the Presbyterians took over the church they painted over the mural.

Exploratory examination of the mural of the Ascension in the apse has shown that restoration is possible. These works of art are of outstanding national importance for their rarity and completeness, and we hope to uncover the mural and restore it and the paintings to their original beauty.

A trust has been established under the chairmanship of Lord Hardie to enable the restoration of the mural and paintings. For more information, please visit the Runciman Apse Trust.