Baptism for infants is available to those who live or practise in St Patrick’s parish. It is the first of the seven Catholic sacraments to be received. It cannot be repeated, nor can it ever be taken away.

In the waters of baptism (from the Greek word for ‘immersion’), we are immersed into Christ, making it possible for us to share in His resurrection. It is a new birth that washes away all sins (both the original sin inherited from our first parents and any actual sins committed by ourselves). Through baptism, the life of the Blessed Trinity flows into our soul. We become adopted sons and daughters of the God the Father, members of God the Son, and temples of the Holy Spirit. We are given the early seeds of the three theological virtues: faith, hope and charity. All this imprints the soul with an indelible seal, the mark of God’s ownership.

Since the earliest times, baptism has been administered to children. In the case of children who are too young to make the necessary act of faith for themselves, their parents and godparents make it for them. Being a godparent brings with it responsibility for the child’s spiritual growth.

Baptism is a great occasion in anyone’s life and the life of their family. It should always be celebrated with joy. By our baptism we become members of the universal Church, which always rejoices at the new birth of another beloved son or daughter. It is the start of our journey to heaven; the start of our eternal life.

If you wish to have your child baptised, please speak to one of the priests to make the necessary arrangements. For adults seeking baptism, please see our page on becoming a Catholic.